Study Reveals Drunk Vegetarians Like To Pig Out On Meat

Vegetarians, we don’t understand but we respect you. A lot of us carnivores scratch our neanderthal shaped skulls when we hear you ask if there’s a vegetarian option onboard a flight or at a restaurant. Still, it takes a lot of gumption to make the decision never to let another piece of delicious meat pass your lips. Well, you just lost what little respect we had for you now that we’ve learned a large portion of you have broken your unspoken vow with tasty animals.

A survey by the British deal service VoucherCodesPro revealed more than a third of vegetarians indulge in meat based products of some kind when they are drunk. The survey found that kebab was the most popular choice of hypocrites…sorry, I mean drunk vegetarians.

The worst part is that a wide majority of these murderers…dang, sorry again, I meant relapsed vegetarians don’t fess up to go off of their extreme diet lifestyle. The survey also found that 69 percent of that third of lying weasels…I mean, vegetarians who ate meat in an intoxicated state don’t admit that they’ve eaten meat after a night of booze and animal based protein gorging.

So not only can’t they not stick to the diet that they maintain is saving the planet but they also can’t admit to it when they do make a mistake. Where’s Ted Nugent when you actually need him and can find the emotional strength to be around him?