Vanity Fair’s Set Photos From ‘The Force Awakens’ Gives Us An Inside Look

With the practically perfect second teaser of The Force Awakens now just a few weeks old, fans will take anything they can get regarding new information on the film’s plot or characters. Production has been kept surprisingly quiet over the past year, but now we’re slowly but surely getting new information with every piece of marketing Disney is allowing us to see. Of course with today being May 4th, as in May the Fourth be with you, Vanity Fair has released some exclusive on set photos revealing some of the film’s characters, sets and of course a few new mutants.

With photos taken by famed photographer Annie Leibowitz, one of the more interesting photos shows Adam Driver (HBO’s Girls) in full bad guy mode as Kylo Ren at the evil First Order’s secret location.

Actress Lupita Nyong will portray a CGI pirate robot named Maz Kanata and the magazine revealed the company in which she keeps which seems to be filled with some questionable characters including a few rad looking mutants.

JJ Abrams directs Daisy Ridley on her speeder during a scene where she races through a market place. And it’s not a Star Wars market place without a few weirdo looking neighbors hanging around.

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We’ve briefly seen Oscar Isaac as Resistance pilot in the first Force Awakens teaser, but here’s a much clearer image of one of the new X-Wing pilots to go to the galaxy far, far away.

First Order Captain Phasma stands amongst rubble from either an attack or merely a disagreement at the space DMV.

Of course Vanity Fair only revealed a few of the images from the June issue with a promise that there are a few juicier photos left (as well as “one big character reveal”) for people willing to buy the magazine, or at least read the entire article while waiting for Redbox at your grocery store. Was thinking I should invest in a copy, but then again, I already did that back in 1999. Please…please let this movie be better than the prequels.

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