Someone Has Been Improving Neighborhood Watch Signs Using Childhood Heroes

Canada is winning these days at all things hilarious. Just last week someone created a Satan statue with a huge boner in Vancouver and this week the fun continues with someone vandalizing Neighborhood (or Neighbourhood if you’re Canadian) Watch signs using favorite pop culture heroes from your childhood. Excellent.

A few of these have been spotted in the past few months, but here’s a complete collection of what people have seen so far. The last one might be my favorite.

He has the power…to stop a burglary.

Business is slow at the Daily Bugle.

Won’t you be…my criminal.

Any reference to Turner and Hooch is a good reference.

The Truth Is Out There. And frankly, it could just be a jaywalker.

No Space Pirates are going to get past Metroid in this quiet Canadian neighborhood.

It’s true, Inspector Gadget will gladly retrieve Dr. Claw’s cat from a tree.

Warp speed, Sulu. We’ve spotted…a double parked…car.

Protected this community is, mmm-hmmm.

Of course they placed Frank Drebin from Police Squad on the most dented sign.

Take more than one newspaper from the quarter stand and you have to deal with Bruce.

Clearly the safest area in all of Canada, because, Cosby.

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source: imgur