Meet Valentine Thomas, The World’s Hottest Spearfisher

Valentine Thomas is a spear fisherwoman with almost 6,000 Instagram followers. Not because the world is fascinated with the hobby that is spear fishing, but more because Thomas is ridiculously attractive, posting photos that look more like they belong on the cover of Sports Illustrated. In fact, she’s just a regular girl with an impeccable talent for catching fish while promoting “sustainable eating”. Safe to say that probably means Funyuns are never on her grocery list.

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Aside from spear fishing, the 28-year-old is a hedge fund worker located in London on a normal day. With her full time gig being more than stressful, Thomas took up spear fishing in order to decompress, with her hedge fund gig allowing her to travel all over the world to continue her hobby. She’s been to the Channel Islands, Dorset, Cornwall, Corsica and Greece. Doubt she’ll visit Florida anytime soon though.

Enough of that, let’s look at some more pictures of Thomas hard at work.

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And if you couldn’t already tell, she’s not the girly type either. She not only eats the fish, but enjoys cleaning and skinning them herself. She says, “We never kill anything we won’t eat.”

Good for you, Ms. Thomas. Fun to finally see a woman to do the food providing for a change. Literally.