Utah National Guard Angry “Hot Shots Calendar” Babes Played With Their Guns

Do guys still buy and hang “pinup calendars” on their wall? Apparently enough 1970’s auto mechanic stereotypes are still around to warrant the production and distribution of a 2015 Hot Shots Calendar, featuring busty babes holding big guns.  Boobs and guns? Those are good things!

Be sure to order the Hot Shots Calendar to let everyone know exactly the type of guy you are.

The participation of two Public Safety officers who appear to be wearing their uniforms has aroused some suspicion from the brass of the Utah National Guard. They have launched an investigation to determine if their equipment and officers were involved in the production for, which they did not give permission.

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Regarding the investigation the National Guard said in a statement; “Productions of this kind are not in keeping with the values of the Utah National Guard nor its members.”

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Everyone “stands at attention” when she enters the room.

The eighth edition of calendar has a military theme with camo wearing girls firing weapons and riding around in tanks. While the calendar and behind the scenes video were shot on a private gun club outside of Salt Lake City Utah, the inclusion of the tank which doesn’t belong to the gun club has been cause for the investigation. In other news, heads up ISIS; a bunch of women in bikinis can walk in and take a spin in the National Guard’s tanks.

Private Under Boob Reporting For Duty

The worst part; the Hot Shots calendars are produced by a British company and some of the women in the behind the scenes video appear to be British. They’re a bunch of red coats! Treason!  Strip them of their uniforms!

On second thought I bet you’d like to join Daisy and Lauren’s platoon; they can infiltrate the Utah National Guard all they want.. I mean, this is a horrible embarasment to the Utah National Guard. Next thing you know they will be hanging up girlie calendars.

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I was really hoping Charlie Sheen was in trouble with the National Guard.

An internal investigation should come to a conclusion soon on the involvement of National Guard personal and equipment in the calendar shoot. These ladies have been very naughty and need to be punished.  Sounds like someone has an idea for next year’s 2016 Hot Shots Calendar: the ladies of military prison!

That does not look like a National Guard regulation issue firearm.