Usain Bolt Celebrates Gold Medals With Hot Brazilian Girl: Photos Leaked

There is being a champion, and then there is being a CHAMPION. Jamaican sprinter and “fastest man on earth” Usain Bolt is a god damn champ on the track and in the bedroom. His world record prowess was documented this past week as the Olympian won a record three gold medals in his third and allegedly final Olympics in Rio. This has become known as the Tripple Tripple- three gold medals in three Games in a row.

Not sure why this did not happen on the track.

When his races were finished, Bolt went out to celebrate in the Brazilian host city. To top it off Bolt turned 30 on Sunday and for his birthday found himself a 20-year-old local named Jady Duarte. I wonder if when he’s finished with her, he wraps himself in the Jamaican flag and does a victory lap, high fiving everyone.

The moment he remembered he is Usain Bolt.

Duarte posted several photos to WhatsApp for her friends to show that she was with the Olympic champ. Those pics were quickly shared on Brazilian websites and social media cementing Bolt’s legend even further.

Bolt had gone out on the town, taking to the stage at the De Bracos Albertas Club where he was seen grinding with some fans. To complete his new triple triple Bolt dashed over to another club in the Rio suburb of Barra de Tijuca called All In, where he was all in to take home the young student.

The photo posted at 7AM shows the champ canoodling with the girl.

While men everywhere can live vicariously through this prime example of athletic ability and epic virility, there is ONE person today who is probably not calling Bolt “The Greatest Of All Time.” His girlfriend. Whoops!

Bolt’s main lady.

Bolt has been dating 26 year old Kasi Bennett back home in Jamaica for at least 2 years. As he is the president of kicking ass, Bolt calls his woman his “First Lady.” Needless to say Bolt hopped on a plane and skipped the Olympic Closing Ceremony, I’m guessing to speed back to Jamaica with a giant bundle of flowers.

Bolt with his GF for a typical night out being awesome.

I think his girlfriend will be all right as the world class athlete’s endorsement deals are reported to bring in at least 30 million dollars a year.

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