USA Drops Thousands of Dead Mice on Guam



Can you imagine thousands of mice parachuting in from the sky? What if the airborne mice were DEAD? While this may sound like the premise of a new Sci-Fi Channel original horror flick from the makers of Sharknado, it was actually an initiative by the US Department of Agriculture to help combat brown tree snakes which have taken over the US territory. The dead mice were filled with pain killers and flown into Guam with the purpose of killing the snakes which have wreaked havoc since the 1940’s and 50’s when they came to the island via cargo ships. The main problem with letting the snakes over populate is that they eat birds and lizards and have even caused species to go extinct. There are estimated to be over two million of the snakes in Guam.


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The mice paratroopers flew in on cardboard and tissue paper parachutes which sounds adorable except for the part with them being dead (if they were undead now that would be a cool new Adult Swim cartoon.) Once on the ground the brown snakes will hopefully eat the mice which are loaded with enough acetaminophen to kill a snake but not other animals.


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The USDA’s snake fighting program has cost around 8 million dollars so far.

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