US Government Concerned About Meth Lab That Exploded At One Of Its Buildings

Meth labs explode all the time; if an old RV or trailer at the trailer park goes boom, what are you going to do? Meth heads gonna meth. However one meth lab had bit of a more high profile location.


Don’t eat the rock candy in the breakroom at this office.

Investigators suspect that an explosion at the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology near Washington, DC, a government owned building, was due to a room in the facility being used as an illegal meth lab. Wow, who did they put in charge of the standards and technology? Walter White?


If you thought hiding an industrial sized meth lab underneath a laundry facility was ballsy, then you will to be impressed with the balls on the people who cooked up some crystal right under Uncle Sam’s nose.  Hank is going to be super pissed.  


Luckily the explosion took place on Saturday in a room of the building that was away from other research labs, so nobody was killed and no government research was damaged. The explosion sent a blast shield flying 25 feet in the air, indicating a large blast. The local police are investigating and believe the explosion was due to a chemical reaction while making the drugs. On the scene they found a recipe for making methamphetamine and some meth ingredients. One federal officer who was injured in the explosion has resigned and may be a suspect in the investigation. I’m assuming if he knows what is good for him he won’t talk.


While no heads have been attached to turtles, also angry is Congressman Lamar Smith of Texas who is chairman of the Science, Space and Technology Committee. He says, “The fact that this explosion took place at a taxpayer-funded NIST facility, potentially endangering NIST employees, is of great concern.”

Meth lab at a taxpayer funded research facility, who should we blame for this? I blame Walt Jr.’s breakfast.


Source: PopSci 

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