Proof Positive: January 8th 2016

Caramel Nougat Goodness inside has evolved!  Now Proof Positive is going to be bringing you your weekly dose of what’s best in the world; inspiring stories to restore a little of your faith in humanity.  The world is still a pretty awesome place.

Son Pulls Most Amazing Prank Ever To Save Mom’s Life

Imran Najeeb was more than willing to donate a kidney to his mother when she fell ill, but his mother wouldn’t have her son risking his own health for hers.  Unable to get his stubborn mother to change her mind, Imran took advantage of the fact her skills in English aren’t the best and convinced her instead that he was going to sell his kidney on eBay since he didn’t need it.  He showed her some kidney photos online and convinced her the prank was real.

Najeeb’s mother, seeing the kidney online, wanted to know why he’d sell it for money when she needed it, so he offered it to her again and this time she accepted.   The two had their surgeries and are both recovering well.

Virtual Reality Saved This Baby’s Life in Reality

Google Cardboard is a little box in which you can put your phone that makes it into a bit of a virtual reality machine.  Pick some apps, get a little viewer and you’re enjoying some 3D awesomeness.  Sounds cool enough, but it gets much cooler – doctors just used this $20 piece of cardboard to save a baby’s life.

Teegan Lexcen was born with only one lung and about half of her heart.  Doctors had never seen anything like it before and weren’t sure how to proceed surgically.  They sent the family home to prepare for the worst.  A second and third opinion later, the family found a doctor in Miami who, with the 3d rendering capabilities of Google Cardboard, was able to fully visualize the little girl’s heart and create a brand new surgery which saved her life.  Not bad for a little piece of cardboard.

Deformed Pup Left for Dead Gets a New Lease on Life


Daffodil is a little Chihuahua pup that someone abandoned in a soggy box in an alley.  Left to die, she was found by a local and take to the SPCA.  Watch the video and check out her awesome story!


Boston is Going Above and Beyond for Homeless Veterans

The Boston Homes for the Brave project has been working with city, state and federal officials to ensure that all homeless veterans in the Boston area end up with permanent housing.  Since 2014, 533 homeless veterans have been placed in permanent housing.  As of last Monday only 79 veterans were still in shelters while the project continues to find more housing.

The mayor of Boston has initiated a plan to end all chronic homelessness in Boston by 2018 and this project is a big part of it.

Who Would Have Predicted an Organ Donation Leading to Love?

Heather Kreuger was diagnosed with stage 4 liver disease in 2014.  Hearing about the woman’s situation, a perfect stranger, Chris Dempsey, got himself tested and turned out to be a match.  In no time the surgery was scheduled but, more interesting, Kreuger and Dempsey had begun to form a relatsionship.

Kreuger ended up losing 100% of her liver and getting 55% of Dempsey’s. Both bounced back from the surgery and are feeling much better.  Over the process the two fell in love.  Last month, Dempsey proposed and the two plan to get married in October.