Caramel Nougat Goodness Inside vol. 5

Christmas is almost here and spirits are high, head into this last weekend of shopping with some good news to motivate you!

You Could Be Flying to Work Soon! 

  • Aside from jetpacks, flying cars are the vision of the future we’ve all been waiting for since the 1960s
  • A company called Terrafugia just got FAA approval to test their flying cars
  • They’re only testing scale models right now, so we can’t fly across country just yet
  • When and if they can be mass produced, the Terrafugia TF-X will have a top speed of 200mph and a range of 500 miles
  • Without the need for runway space for take off, you could get airborne from your driveway!
  • The vehicle will be semi-autonomous, so you wouldn’t need to be a skilled pilot to operate it
  • If all goes as planned, they’d be plug in hybrids.  Here’s hoping the tests pan out!

Let’s Farm the Sun, 12 Miles Up! 

  • Everyone loves the idea of using clean, renewable solar energy, right?
  • Only problem is cloudy days or crappy, overcast winters?
  • Well not if the solar panels are above the clouds!
  • A French chemist has proposed using balloons at 20km in the air to collect solar energy where it would be 5X more potent than on the ground and never suffer loss from cloud cover since there are no clouds
  • It’s just an idea now, but it’s getting attention and isn’t nearly as crazy as it may sound!
  • Cheap, plentiful energy for everyone could be a balloon away


Human Rat Turd Martin Shkreli Gets His Comeuppance 

  • Ex-Turning CEO and all around James Bond villain Martin Shkreli, infamous for upping the price of a normally low cost drug needed by cancer and AIDS patients by 4000%, was arrested
  • He’s being charged with securities fraud
  • Turns out he’s as trustworthy with money as he is with pharmaceuticals
  • Shkreli has consistently made a joke of his price gouging and mocked everyone who called him out for it
  • Maybe it’s bad to take pleasure in someone else’s misfortune, but this couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy

Hyperloop to Be Tested Soon!  

  • Remember Elon Musk’s idea for a Hyperloop?
  • Basically it’s like a giant pneumatic tube, the kind they have at bank and pharmacy drive thrus, only it’s big enough for people
  • You sit in a pod in the tube and it travels in a vacuum at breakneck speeds
  • You could go from the west coast to the east coast faster than you would on a plane!
  • A test track is being built in North Las Vegas to demonstrate the electromagnetic propulsion system
  • If it works out, the Hyperloop could revolutionize travel and be a major energy saver.  Imagine travelling across America at the speed of sound!

Canadian PM Goes Full Nerd with Sick Kids!  

  • Canada’s new Prime Minister has been making lots of international headlines, first for a push to legalize pot across Canada, and now for being a Star Wars geek
  • Justin Trudeau took 20 kids from Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario to a private screening of The Force Awakens
  • Trudeau dressed up as Han Solo this past Halloween.  His wife was Princess Leia.
  • The kids ranged in age from 8-17 and though the press covered it, it wasn’t actually a PR stunt.  Disney had simply given the Prime Minister the option to see the movie, and he opted to bring some kids with him to see it.
  • Maybe Donald Trump will do that this weekend, too?