UPDATED: The Truth Behind The Leno Prank

It seems like only four days ago we lived in a world where two people happened upon a regular looking gas station and were greeted with a Jay Leno prank titled “Pumpcast News.” These two people would open up to the world, revealing their fantastic singing abilities and charisma. We loved it. You, the Break audience, loved it. The world loved it.

But it was all a lie…

Will and Monifa Sims are trained actors from Chicago. Now, that doesn’t prove they are liars. Los Angeles and the surrounding area is full of actors. In fact, the only people who live in Los Angeles are actors or hobos (quite often, both). But this isn’t Monifa’s first time on “Pumpcast News.”

No, she appeared in this same segment back in 2011. Same location, same car…

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When Leno was asked about these allegations, he knocked the reporter out with his chin, jumped in a Model-T Ford, and drive off cackling. Actually, he claims he didn’t know anything, going so far as to make a comment on his show about worrying people would think it was all a ruse.

Leno got us, which is something we should all be ashamed about. But more importantly, we’ve learned that maybe we can’t trust anything. Maybe the internet is full of lies.

The skepticism is ingrained in all of us. We see it all the time on Break. We’ll post a video and someone will think it’s fake no matter what it is (unless it’s obviously fake like a cat falling into a pit of fire. Then, some of you get really pissy). Companies know how to market viral content now. They know the tricks. Use cellphones or edit the video to look bad. Make it shaky. Mess with the audio to make it sound dirty. Don’t strive for perfection because real viral videos aren’t perfect.

Monifa doesn’t want us to think she duped us. She is defending herself, saying it was all a coincidence and her husband even mentioned that she was going to be in another Leno video, but that part got cut. She claims it was a “one-in-a-million chance.” Well, maybe she doesn’t know math because one-in-a-million chances only happen once and this happened twice? One does not equal two. Pick up a math book, Monifa.

– Mark (twitter)