Caramel Nougat Goodness Inside: Vol 2

Week got you down?  We’ve compiled some of the most upbeat stories of the week in bitesized morsels for you to enjoy.

No Park Fees in Oregon 

  • Not interested in the Black Friday shopping madness?
  • Parks in Oregon have waived the park fees this Black Friday
  • Inspired by Recreational Equipment, Inc’s decision to not be open on Black Friday, instead encouraging employees to go outside and enjoy nature, there will be no fees to park at any state park in Oregon
  • If you don’t need any discount electronics or a mad crowd around you, why not just take a day to enjoy the world around you?

Scarves for the Homeless 

  • Coats and scarves are being left tied to lamp posts and telephone polls around the UK, US and Canada
  • The coats are being left for homeless people as winter approaches
  • The movement started in Halifax, Nova Scotia and has spread thanks to Facebook
  • If you feel like joining in, leave a coat or a scarf with a note for whoever needs it to take it, and share the post on Facebook so others can get involved
  • Help keep someone warm this winter!


Free Thanksgiving Dinner 

  • Everyone tends to make a big deal of Thanksgiving as a family holiday, but what if you’re alone?
  • One Detroit restaurant made Thanksgiving an occasion for everyone this year – lone diners could eat for free, no questions asked
  • Anyone whether they were homeless, poor or just had nowhere else to be was welcome to have a free dinner
  • George Dimopolous, a Greek immigrant, has been offering the deal for the past decade
  • This year he included a heated tent so no one would have to wait in the cold


Goat and Tiger Buds 

  • Timur the goat was supposed to be dinner for Amur the tiger at a safari park in Moscow
  • Instead, Timur laid down the law and took over the enclosure.  Now he sleeps in the tiger’s den and the tiger sleeps on the roof
  • During the day, Timur follows Amur around
  • No one knows how long they’ll stay friends, but for now they seem to be enjoying each other