Caramel Nougat Goodness Inside vol. 4

Christmas is coming and we have some good news to spread.  Let this ease you into the weekend!

3D Printed Ocean Plastic Shoe 

  • Remember all those stories about how much plastic trash is floating in the ocean?
  • Adidas has a plan to clean it up!
  • They’re partnering with a group called Parley for the Oceans to help in the conservation and preservation effort of the world’s oceans
  • Using old plastic junk including discarded fishing nets, Adidas has a plan to produce 3D printed plastic shoes
  • The upper and midsole will be made from the plastic, all part of a sustainability project to help keep our world clean and green.  And our feet comfortable.
  • Not only can shoes be made from this discarded plastic but all manner of commercial goods from electronics to textiles and more!


Rich People Should Pay for Renewable Energy 

  • Bill Gates says we need an energy miracle
  • He’s putting up $2 billion of his own money as an incentive to create new sources of clean energy
  • Gates believe rich people, like him, should be responsible for this research and development because they can afford an investment that won’t have a return for a long time
  • Gates says all kinds of research should be funded, not just into one sort of energy production
  • Gates feels the government and private sector have to work together on R&D
  • The result will be a better world for everyone with cleaner, cheaper, renewable energy everyone can use!


US and Japanese Veterans Pour One Out 

  • US airman Jack DuTour and Japanese fighter pilot Shiro Wakita met for the anniversary of Pearl Harbor and poured out a 40 of whiskey into the ocean
  • The two former enemies met to commemorate the 74th anniversary of the attack aboard the USS Arizona memorial
  • The ship sunk when 2 Japanese planes collided overhead and crashed into it
  • Now a symbol of friendship, the Japanese and Americans lost in the incident were buried side by side
  • The two men poured whiskey from a blackened canteen found in the wreckage
  • Japan has brought the canteen to the event at Pearl harbor since the 80s
  • The ceremony is meant to reinforce the peace we now enjoy between our two nations


Massive Drones To Police Tokyo 

  • Ever see a random drone flying by your house?
  • Worried it was maybe filming you for some reason?
  • Japan has a solution to the problem of drones in places no one wants them – the Drone Force
  • Massive drones equipped with nets will not police no fly zones in Tokyo
  • Any illegal drones will be netted and flown away so they can harass someone in a legal area!


The IKEA Monkey is Living Large 

  • 3 years ago pictures spread around the world of a little monkey in a winter coat hanging out at a Toronto IKEA
  • Darwin, the IKEA monkey, was confiscated by authorities after being caught in the IKEA parking lot looking remarkably fashionable
  • Since 2012, Darwin has been living at the Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary
  • Currently Darwin is a lone macaque but next year he’ll get two new roommates
  • The Sanctuary houses 20 monkeys that were either kept illegally as pets or grew up in lab conditions
  • Darwin likes to spend most of his time outside and, once in a while, destroys stuff for kicks.  He seems pretty happy