Proof Positive: The One With The Extra Planet

Yes, there really is good news out there and we found it for you!

Is That a 9th Planet or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Maybe it exists and maybe it doesn’t but astronomers have some cause to believe there’s a real Planet X out there in our solar system.

With detailed analyses of planetary orbits and loads of simulations, two well respected astronomers believe they have enough evidence to support the hypothesis that there’s a Neptune sized planet on a 15,000 year orbit around the sun.  All someone needs to do is get lucky enough to spot it with a telescope and our galaxy will officially get a little bigger.

Muslims Donate Water for Flint

Heard about the insane water situation in Flint, Michigan? The town switched to a local water supply that was so corrosive it stripped lead from the pipes and started poisoning everyone.  A state of emergency was declared and no one knows how long it’ll be until the water is safe to drink again. The locals had been drinking it for over a year and they still have to pay for it even though the EPA called it toxic waste!

Locals are having to rely on donated water, and a nearby Muslim group called Who Is Hussain? have stepped up with 30,000 bottles! Named for the grandson of the Prophet Muhammed, Hussain Ibn Ali, who believed the Muslim religion was getting too violent, the group believes it is a crime to deny anyone access to clean water. They join countless others around the nation who are rallying behind the people of Flint and ensuring the locals have access to what the rest of us take for granted.

Science Says you’re a Good Person

Ever seen one of those stories that someone labelled “faith in humanity restored?”  This is the ultimate one.  According to a psychology study at Yale, being kind and cooperative is the normal state for mankind.  Those who deviate and act cruelly or selfishly are outside the norm.

The study used a number of parameters to allow participants to choose how they’d act in various circumstances.  Those who are selfish will always be selfish, even when it doesn’t benefit them, but most people recognize the benefit of helping others, when it helps themselves or when it offers them no immediate benefit at all.  The reason?  We’ve involved to be cooperative because we get more done together than on our own.  It makes sense to be nice and helpful, and most people are!

Iron Max is Here!

When Max Levy was 3 he had to undergo an operation for hemophilia which included implanting a metal disc in his chest. How do you explain that to a kid?  Remind him about the way Tony Stark did it in Iron Man!

Little Max became stoked at the idea and as word spread, Marvel Comics heard and even wrote him into a special issue of the comic as, naturally, Iron Max.  He got his own suit of Iron Man and faced off with Dr. Doom, all in an effort to inspire other kids who illnesses and show them they can get past anything and even become superheroes!

Breastfeeding Cop

Police in Colombia were called to a remote forest settlement where they discovered a baby.  The newborn, umbilical cord still attached, had been left in some undergrowth to die.  Freezing, starving and at risk of hypothermia, officer Luisa Fernanda Urrea immediately took the child and began breastfeeding. 

In a lucky twist of fate, Officer Urrea had just had her own child and was able to care for the infant who had been discovered by orange pickers.  Police aren’t sure where the baby came from or how it ended up in the forest, but thanks to Officer Urrea she was able to be treated quickly and is now awaiting adoption.