Unveiling the Secret Masters of Break

After years of manipulating the media from behind a veil of secrecy, carefully selecting what will go viral and what will not, shaping the very firmament of the web – the terrifying master propagandists who brought you Janet Jackson’s Wardrobe Malfunction, Break After Dark, and Sarah X Doing Mozart are revealed.  

Alexander Macris, SVP and General Manager

Alexander Macris is the current figurehead appointed over Break. His responsibilities include content, advertising, marketing, licensing, and finding the right balance of saucy versus serious content. Because his boss knows he causes trouble when bored, Alexander is also the general manager of The Escapist, EveryJoe, Addicting Games, and Shockwave for Defy Media, too. Prior to running Break, he was co-founder and publisher of The Escapist, the Webby Award winning game site, and served as CEO of Themis Group, a video game consultancy and marketing agency. After his term at Break, he plans to become a warlord in post-apocalyptic Idaho or the 2032 Trumpetarian Party nominee for President, depending how things go. He plays a lot of D&D. Ability Scores – Str 7, Int 18, Wis 14, Dex 9, Con 11, Cha 16. Alignment – Neutral.


Rob Nolte, Founder and Assistant General Manager

Wunderkind Rob Nolte founded Big-Boys.com when he was 12 years old, or 20 years old, or something. It was a long time ago. He later re-named the site Break.com when he grew from a boy into a man. Early on, Rob realized that the highest-ranking officer is always the one who gets taken out and shot when things go wrong, so he has cleverly positioned himself as #2 man on Break for the last decade, outliving 27 general managers in that time. He lives in a windy city in the frigid interior of a large continent – possibly Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. No living member of the Break team has ever met him in person. Little else is known.


Winston Carter, Managing Editor

Winston was raised in Oklahoma and is a graduate of Oklahoma State University. When he’s not sipping white Russians in the underground lair that is the Break.com office he can be found lurking in the back of improv theaters in LA or shooting videos with the group Heckbender. He enjoys screaming at the TV during sports and arguing over which Star Wars is the best at bars. It’s obviously The Empire Strikes Back. Obviously.


Phil Haney, Senior Editor

As an editor and writer for over three years at Break, Phil Haney has gone spelunking into the darkest, deepest depraved reaches of the Internet to report on weird news, create vivid videos, post silly social media and curate web culture insanity. Before joining Break Phil was a writer- producer for Maker Studios and National Lampoon. At Maker Phil wrote for a variety of shows including “Equals Three” and for comedian Gabriel Iglasies’ “Damn TV.”  A lover of all filthy food, and low self-esteem, at the iconic National Lampoon Phil co-hosted the series “National Lampoon’s Fat Guy Nation” in addition to co-creating dozens of Lampoon original shorts. Phil edited and contributed to the volume of grotesque humor National Lampoon Not Fit For Print which literally was almost not printed because it was just “so offensive.” Phil has been a contributing writer to other sites including NeatoRama.com, College Humor and SuperAwesomeWow. Originally from Syracuse, NY Phil graduated from Ithaca College where he founded the school’s comedy troupe, the IC Comedy Club. Phil currently lives in Los Angeles, CA patiently awaiting “The Big One.”


Todd Spence, Senior Editor

Despite the rumors, Todd is not a raging liberal. Born and raised in the backwoods of the Midwest, Todd barely graduated high school and was almost kicked out of college. Luckily, he was able to get a lawyer to write a semi-threatening note to the dean in order to avoid any criminal charges. Why was he almost kicked out of college? Be nice, and he’ll tell you one day. 

Todd now lives in Los Angeles, has worked at Jimmy Kimmel Live, a two-time winner of @Midnight’s hashtag wars on Comedy Central and past contributor to Cracked. Recently, his work for Break has been featured on Huffington Post, MTV and The Academy Awards. He dislikes hiking but doesn’t mind watching it on television. Oh, Todd also wrote a commercial for Elf on a Shelf but doesn’t like mentioning it.


Stephen Kersey, Contributing Editor

Born and raised in Texas, Stephen Kersey makes his living writing about hot women, sports scandals and crazy crime stories. Stephen is married with a gaggle of children and a collection of cars. He enjoys good steak, cold beer, and the San Antonio Spurs.


Wil Reagan, Contributing Editor

Wil Reagan was born in Phoenix and currently resides somewhere in the middle of America. Known for his charm, wit and good looks, Wil is a fan of the Constitution, the NFL, and big-breasted brunettes. He’s not a fan of social justice warriors, cilantro or cats.


Michael Busch, Producer

Michael Busch is a human person living in Los Angeles, California.  Michael Busch is a regular performer at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, as well as various other places around town. Michael Busch never wears matching socks. Michael Busch’s acting credits include Human Giant, Pretty Little Liars, The Goldbergs, and semi-regular sketch performer on Conan. Michael Busch doesn’t like bananas. Michael Busch has written original content for places such as CC Studios, Maker, and FunnyorDie. Michael Busch once bought the movie Pretty Woman to impress a date. It didn’t work. Michael Busch’s guiding principle in life: Don’t Panic.