University Of Memphis Fraternity In Trouble For Racial Slur At Charity Karaoke Event

You’d think we’d have learned our lesson by now, but the beautiful thing about college is that there’s an endless supply of borderline demented kids who haven’t gone through the whole song and dance yet and are driving at full-speed down “Let’s Fuck Everything Up” Boulevard. Take the kids of Sigma Phi Epsilon at the University of Memphis for instance.


Like every other fraternity on campus, “SigEp” (for the lazy like myself) are required to participate in other fraternity and sorority charity events. You’re probably picturing “Make a Wish,” but it’s more like getting sloshed at an Applebee’s and then throwing a fiver in the tip jar at the end – yeah you made a donation, but you pre-gamed the shit out of the whole thing and puked on the hostess stand on the way out. What I’m trying to say is that even though it’s for charity, most kids just get drunk beforehand to make the 2-3 hours they have to spend doing philanthropy bearable.

Shockingly, this story isn’t about someone getting shithoused and dropping trough in front of some underprivileged kids – it’s about a bunch of white dudes singing “N****s in Paris” during a children’s literacy charity event.

Remember what I said about learning our lesson? You and I have been around long enough to realize that in 2018 you can’t say racial slurs no matter what the context. It’s in a song? Too bad. Written on a cake? Throw it out. Tatted on your ass? In that case you’re probably trashy enough already that no one will care, but people love it when sororities and fraternities get in trouble – maybe it’s because they’re seen as “elitist,” but in reality the kids in them are just as dumb as the rest of the general populace.

“The song that they used was n-word in Paris. That’s actually the name of the song,” Jessika Williams, who was at the event, said. “For a predominantly white organization or any organization period to use the n-word, it was very disrespectful and very inconsiderate.”

“The word, unfortunately, is in the song. However, student groups and other students here on campus firmly believe that even if that word was in that song, the song as a whole shouldn’t have been used, period,” University of Memphis NAACP President Dale Claybrone Jr. said. “We just want a bit of accountability added to those who were involved.” (via)

Now I’m all for people using their goddamned common sense when it comes to these things, in which case SigEp should’ve gone with something a little less offensive like “Slob On My Knob” or “Pussy Monster” by Lil’ Wayne. But the fact that there were kids holding a silent protest on campus Monday…

Via WMC Action News

Via WMC Action News

…yeah no, that’s taking it too far. What the fuck are they even protesting? “These dumb sperry wearin’ white kids dropped the n-bomb in a song I liked four years ago!!!” seems to be the main point here, though that point is obviously stupid. You can’t protest anytime something makes you upset, or else the whole “oomph” in protesting is going to get watered down into nothing.

Honestly, the kids got in enough trouble after the story hit headlines; no one needed to line up anywhere with a bunch of fucking posters.

But because it’s apparently not okay to be like “Yo they got in enough trouble already, pop a Xanax and chill the fuck out,” SigEp had to go and release a statement…

…followed by the University of Memphis following suit:

“The University of Memphis was made aware of allegations involving racial and bigoted language exhibited by a fraternity member at a student event. Racism and bigotry will not be tolerated. All allegations are currently being thoroughly investigated, and if found to be accurate, immediate steps will be taken to address the behavior with the individual, local chapter and national organization. The University of Memphis takes seriously all such behavior and has the strongest of commitments to continuing efforts to educate our campus community.”

Welcome to 2018: nothing is funny, nothing is acceptable and everything is apparently NEVER okay.

[H/T WMC Action News]