United Airlines Sues 22 Year-Old For Beating the System

Airlines are one of the least liked industries in America. Flights are constantly being cancelled. Luggage gets lost between almost every flight. And for some reason, the cost of flight travel just keeps getting higher. It’s almost as if the people in charge of most major airlines have some weird, sexual fetish where aggravating people is the only thing that gets them hot.

We know this is hard to do but we actually found a reason to make you hate United Airlines even more.

A website has been trying to circumvent the high cost of traveling and now, an airline and one of its competitors are trying to shut it down. Skiplagged.com found a way to offer people tickets to almost wherever they need to go for a smaller fraction of the full price. It would search the flight plans of the major airlines and look for tickets with layovers. Then it would offer people who needed to get to those destinations the chance to buy one of these cheaper flights so it would take them to their destination on a layover instead of having to get on another plane or take another unnecessary flight. For instance, say you needed to get from Chicago to Oklahoma City. The site would offer flights from Chicago to Dallas that stopped along the way to Oklahoma City. You would buy the cheaper flight and just stay in Oklahoma City instead of taking the second wing of your trip. Of course, the site can’t do anything about the inevitable disappointment of realizing you’re in Oklahoma City but at least they don’t charge you extra for it.

The travel industry has known about this practice called “hidden city ticketing” for years, the website just made it available to everyone. United Airlines and the travel commerce site Orbitz learned about Skiplagged and they were none too happy about the corners that were being cut in the name of saving customers money. So they are suing the creator of the site Aktarer Zaman for creating “unfair competition” and are asking for $75,000 in lost revenue. The site owner started a legal defense fund on GoFundMe and because the country is full of pissed off travelers, he’s very close to reaching his $30,000 goal. We’re for anything that sticks it to airline industry executives and normally, we’d prefer it involved something that involves a pointy stick but this will do.

Source: Fox 13