Underwear That Smells Like Bacon Is A Thing Now

Do you wish that your unmentionables constantly had the delicious smell hickory smoked bacon but are tired of just not washing them? Sure, you could just eat your weight in bacon every day so your gastrointestinal tract is “Febreezing” them with the scent of bacon farts but your heart might object. A company in Seattle, Washington has a less fatal solution. 

J&D Foods, the company behind Baconnaise and Bacon Salt, has released the world’s first pair of underwear for men and women that intentionally smells like bacon. Each pair are bright red and have the phrase “Stop and Smell the Bacon” emblazoned on them except there’s a strip of cooked bacon in place of the word “Bacon.” They are also on the front so that people with poor vision won’t think your underwear is asking them to “Stop and Smell the Poop.” Squint and you’ll see what I mean. 

If you’re lonely and don’t have a partner who’s butt you can sniff when you get a hankering for bacon, J&D’s are also selling a bacon scented pillowcase. This could really hit our productivity levels if this kind of thing takes off on the open market. The smell of bacon is usually the only thing that gets people OUT of bed in the morning. 

Source: Metro UK