A Human Fingernail Was Found In This Customer’s McDonald’s Hamburger

There has been many an odd thing found in McDonald’s food. From nose rings to plastic pieces to even a dead rat in someone’s coffee, but we had yet to see the day when a human fingernail would be discovered. Well folks, today is the day. Hope you have already had your lunch.

A mom and her daughter in the UK ordered a Big Mac when a disgusting discovery was made lying beneath the sesame seed bun. The worst part is her 7-year-old daughter found the long yellow nail first. Luckily, she didn’t swallow it.

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There’s something worse about finding a fingernail rather than something possibly even poisonous. I’d rather die than live to know I probably ate bits of some stranger’s fingernail (if not many points in my life). After throwing a royal fit to the managers of the McDonald’s in which this delicacy came from, the police got involved and couldn’t comment to the press until the whole situation was resolved. Of course the fact that the mom could’ve put the long fingernail in her meal in the first place is another possibility as well.

On the otherhand, I kind of hope this is just a viral marketing campaign for the new Hamburglar who is more sinister than we all thought.

One piece of information that has been decided is the fingernail is in fact a human fingernail and not a fake or piece of plastic. That just means the settlement will be that much more promising. So the next time you order a burger or really any damn thing that might go in your mouth, check it first before you start chewing. There just might be a fingernail waiting for you.