Finally, You Can Honor Cecil the Fallen Lion In Gold

By now everyone has heard of the killing of Cecil the Lion in Hwange national Park in Zimbabwe.  And even if you agree with big game hunting, you have to believe in responsible conservation of these animals as well, or there would be none left to hunt.  Literally everyone who isn’t a complete douche supports that, right?  Well, now you can show your support the best way we know how in 2015 – with a superfluous, over-priced cell phone.

Goldgenie, a UK based company that exists based on the idea that no one can be too rich to be tacky, is issuing a limited number of 24k Gold embellished HTC One M9 smartphones complete with an image of Cecil right on the back.  Just what any dead lion would want.

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10% of the price you pay for this phone will be donated to the Friends of Hwange charity as well, at least that’s what the UK site says.  It’s also worth noting that this is the price you pay for the phone on the UK site – £1,580.83, which works out to about $2,467 US. So they can probably afford to donate 10%, especially since the exact same gold phone minus the little Cecil sketch on the back costs $1233.  Yay charity!

This is the statement from Goldgenie’s website about the phoe;

At the heartbreaking news of the senseless killing of Cecil the Lion outside Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, Goldgenie were moved to do something to help towards the conservation of his environment and prevention of other tragic losses from the game reserve. Cecil, with his unique dark mane, was a majestic creature and was known for his loving gentle nature. Goldgenie’s designers decided to capture his beautiful shape with a special laser engraving for a limited edition range of 24k Gold embellished HTC One M9 smartphones. 10% from every sale (£159) will be donated to Friends of Hwange.

Majestic.  Someone had to pick a photo for that lazy to engrave on your phone, you know.  But hey, it’s better than nothing, right?  They’re sort of trying to support a good cause which is nice, even though word is no one in Zimbabwe really ever heard of Cecil the lion before and he wasn’t some beloved national symbol that the Western media made him out to be.  He was more like if there was a raccoon that kept coming to your uncle’s yard and he told all his neighbors about it and they were all aware it existed and thought it was kind of adorable.  Even the government’s Minister of Information in Zimbabwe, when asked at a recent press conference about Cecil, literally replied with “what lion?” because no one in Zimbabwe really knows or cares about this story.

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Still, if you do care, and you have about $2500 and you need a new phone, looks like the planets just aligned in your favor.  You can use the phone to take selfies and post them on twitter about how you never hunt lions or gorillas or Swedes or whatever.