10 Hilariously Ugly Vintage Christmas Ornaments From Etsy

Can you believe it’s already December?  Do you have your tree decorated?  If not, Etsy has some wonderful ideas on what you could deck your halls with this year, just look!

1. Vintage Italian Carolers for $8.99

Made from the finest of italian plastic, these two gape-jawed cherubs will surely not make you make the face your probably just made when you look at the for the first time and then put them on the far side of the tree.


2. 1930s Style Hand Blown Glass Mickey Mouse for $28.00

What do you mean Mickey isn’t supposed to look like a bloated cross dresser?

3. Vintage Chenille Santa for $15

Santa has an issue with getting his beard stuck in his balls.

4. 1950’s Pop Santa from Japan for $21.21

What did you do with Mulder’s sister?!?

5. Hallmark Cymbals of Christmas Angel for $9.95

When did Richard Simmons become an angel?

6.Cherries from Chipollino Glass Ornament for $29.99

Hand painted by artisans with Parkinson’s riding on horses down rocky trails.

7. Pink Glitter Pixie Elf for $8.46

This little fella crawled from the grave and into your heart.

8. Peruvian Llama Christmas Ornament for $25.00

Is it a Peruvian tradition on Christmas to skin llamas and cover them with hot dog fixings?

9. Handmade Beaded Ornament for $6.38

From the classic story “Frosty and the Cosmic Buttplug”

10. 9 Ladies Dancing Ornament for $45.00

After solving the puzzle box on Christmas morning, Santa Pinhead rewards you with festive chains in the face.