Uggie From ‘The Artist’ Has Passed Away

It’s hard enough to break into the film industry as a human, let alone a dog but Uggie was a natural so it’s no wonder his co-starring role in 2012’s The Artist made him more of a household name than the lead, actor Jean Dujardin, who would eventually go on to win the Oscar. But still, you always remember the charming dog named Uggie from that film and virtually no one else.

But today, it’s with sad news that we report Uggie was put to sleep after battling prostate tumor for a while now. His owner and trainer Omar von Muller took to facebook after he had heard word was leaked from the pet hospital to TMZ, hoping they’d have more time to mourn Uggie before making the unfortunate announcement.

We regret to inform to all our friends, family and Uggie’s fans that our beloved boy has passed away. We were not planning on posting anything until we healed a little more but unfortunately somebody leaked it to TMZ and they will be announcing it. In short, Uggie had a cancerous tumor in the prostate and is now in a better place not feeling pain. Thank you for your support, I will not be reading any comments for a while as it is too painful at the moment.

Sure we’ve seen our fair share of adorable animals in the movies but there was clearly something special about Uggie. I don’t recall Beethoven or Bingo getting this much love with Uggie having been cast in only 8 film/tv roles. But it was his charisma from The Artist that clearly made him a stand out performer. And yes, I’m gushing about a dog right now, leave me alone.

Rest in peace, Uggie. The Oscars better not skip you in the In Memoriam.