Uber Driver Caught Allegedly Receiving Oral Sex During Ride (VIDEO)

Driving Uber has to be one of the most boring, yet stressful jobs around. Not only are you making “bleh” money, but between douchebag customers who bitch at you for not going fast enough and having to navigate rush hour just for someone else to get home, it can be a real drag.

But not for one Uber driver, who was caught allegedly receiving oral sex during one of his rides.

According to Aner Manuel, the passenger in the backseat, he got in the car to find a woman sitting in the passenger seat even though he hadn’t selected UberPool. “As we pulled off the female in the front attempted to open the door and could not even sit straight as the vehicle was in motion. She then began to grope and grab him.”

Look, I know some women might offer sexual favors in exchange for freebies – but this is ridiculous. Bang a security guard to get backstage? Ok, fine. Dirty, but I get that. Blow an Uber driver for a free ride? Bitch most rides aren’t more than $20! Have some respect for yourself, otherwise you’re nothing better than a walking fleshlight.

After adding that the woman “then proceeded to perform oral sex” and that it was Aner’s “last straw, I asked the driver to drop me off,” he tells the NY Post that he only received a $10 credit after complaining to Uber. Alright Aner, I was on your side until just now — dude sounds like a little bitch tryna cockblock the poor driver and get him fired for a little nookie. I went to Amsterdam last week and had to pay 30 euros to see the same show you just got for free. Besides, you think most people are driving Uber because they want to? Dude is probably trying to make ends meet so he can pay rent this month, and this lady just felt like making his life a little less shitty before he went home to his screaming wife and twelve kids. With twelve kids, who can afford condoms? Not people driving Uber, that’s for sure.