Two Women Have Already Started The First Black Friday Line At A Best Buy

Two California women, Vicky Torres and Juanita Salas have already begun waiting for that glorious Black Friday morning when their local Best Buy opens their doors for that familiar mad rush. They’re also the only two people in all of America who are waiting for Black Friday as we speak. “We could have started later, but then we wouldn’t be sure to get first in line,” Torres told CBS News. Fair point, lady.

Fortunately, these two women aren’t newbies to waiting for Black Friday. I mean you don’t want some amateurs out there peeing in the parking lot. In fact they work as a team with one holding a spot so the other can go home, eat and shower. Then when they return, the other woman is able to take a break as well. In fact, they’ve camped out in front of this particular Best Buy for the last few years. And I’m sure the manager is just thrilled to see them again. Nothing like the view of a couple of homeless women living directly next to a Best Buy entrance.

But what on earth are they planning on buying, considering Best Buy has yet to even release the deals that will be had on Black Friday? Well they are both confident that good deals will be had, but mainly they’re looking to get their hands on a television. Something tells me a new television is the last thing these two need.

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source: CBS Local