So Weird! These Two Women Couldn’t Stop Twerking On This Man’s Coffin

In what is maybe the most lit funeral ever, two women decided to twerk on top of a coffin containing the body of a man named Brayan while hot hot reggaeton music blared through the funeral procession.

Brayan’s body may have gone cold, but that didn’t stop these women from performing a hot (and also WTF worthy because, come on) dance for all to see.  As the women slammed their butts into Brayan‘s final resting place, onlookers cheered, threw water onto the women’s bodies and even lifted one of the woman’s skirts, showing off her underwear.

This footage was supposedly filmed in South America. Besides that, the internet doesn’t know much about Brayan, but with the women twerking on his corpse, the blaring reggaeton music and the fact that his casket was carried through his funeral procession on a motorcycle, we can’t help but think he was the coolest dude in history.

In honor of Brayan, here are 3 songs I want women to twerk to at my eventual funeral.

Ricky Martin’s Livin La Vida Loca

Ricky Martin’s “Living La Vida Loca” starts with an upbeat horn section that is nothing short of infectious. The bass in the song is notable muted, but the beat can definitely be used for rump shaking purposes. What really makes me want women to bump their butts to this song at my funeral is the “Living La Vida Loca” title as I will be dead while the song is playing. Everyone at my funeral will appreciate the irony, I’m sure.

Sisqo’s Thong Song

Popular late 90s and early 00s musician Sisqo’s butt themed opus “Thong Song” would be a perfect booty blaster to play at my funeral. The beat is a little uneven and hard to dance to, but the song topic is on point when it comes to songs about butts. I also fully expect to be killed by a dump truck, so the lyric “dumps like a truck, truck” being sung while women shake their butts will both honor how I died and how I lived.

Chopin’s Funeral March Dubstep Mix

Now, I definitely want women to shake their cool butts at my funeral, but I also don’t want to upset funeral traditionalists who expect Chopin’s Funeral March to be played. I think Chopin’s Funeral March Dubstep Mix is a way to keep people who want a standard funeral happy, while also giving women a hot, bass heavy jam to wag their asses to.