Two Teenagers Electrocuted After Attempting An ‘Ultimate Selfie’

This week in selfies gone wrong, two teenagers in Russia were trying to take the “ultimate selfie” on the roof of a train. In doing so, they electrocuted themselves and are now in critical condition. Is there some sort of moronic death-defying “ultimate selfie” competition that I’m not aware of?

16 year olds Olesya Belmasova and Anastasiya Kirillova climbed on top of an old freight train for what they thought would be the greatest selfie of all time. What they didn’t know was that the freight train was still on a live track. They accidentally touched the live rail and were zapped with thousands of volts of electricity.

Where it all took place.

A train worker actually saw it all happen and said they they were “suddenly blasted to the ground.” He pointed out that one of the girls was “completely blackened and the other was on fire, as if she had exploded.” They were rushed to the hospital and their bodies were over 70 percent burned and they suffered severe fractures. Luckily, Anastasiya was still able to talk and said, “We climbed on top of the tank car and then I heard a loud clap. We fell off the car and onto the ground.”

Olesya Belmasova at the hospital.

This is not the first time selfies got out of hand. There was that other Russian girl who accidentally shot herself when trying to impress her social media followers with a gun she found at work. Then there was the Romanian girl who died after she also got from taking a selfie on a train.

Olesya Belmasova before the incident.

What is it with these kids? I beg of you, please stop doing these dangerous acts of desperation for social media fame. A “like” isn’t worth your life. (Ooooh, I kind of like that.) Just take a regular safe, albeit annoying duck-faced selfie where no one gets killed or harmed. Kim Kardashian does it every day so I’m pretty sure a box of hair can handle the task.

Source: Metro UK