This Genius Got A “Back To Back Super Bowl Champions” Seahawks Tattoo

Today, a Seattle Seahawks fan remains defeated. Not because his favorite football team lost the 2015 Super Bowl yesterday to the New England Patriots but because he got a premature tattoo honoring their win that never ended up happening. Bummer.

Huffington Post got ahold of the man only known as OC to inquire about his tattoo and what in the hell he plans on doing now that it looks completely ridiculous.

“I feel like you only live once, you know? I knew that there was going to be consequences to me getting it, even before I got it and everything I just didn’t get it blindly … I knew that there was a chance that they could lose obviously. But I’m going to keep the Seahawks tattoo … Hey, at least I did it. I took a chance. Sometimes though you take chances and you have the wrong outcome that you don’t think is going to happen.

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Apparently OC already had the Seahawks Championship tattoo after their win last year and was hopeful the same magic could happen again, adding the phrase “Back to Back” along with a second trophy. The new addition cost $300 and a big chunk of his pride, especially after advertising the tattoo on his facebook and twitter page.

Oddly enough, OC isn’t the only Seahawks fan to celebrate a hopeful win. Seattle resident Benjamin Schubert decided to press his luck by getting a Seahawks Super Bowl Champions tattoo as well. That’s right, two of these people exist in this world.

The Seahawks declined to make a comment on Ben’s tattoo tweet. But fortunately, the rest of the world seemed to notice and continue to enjoy it for what it’s worth. Good job, guys. Keep that permanent hope alive.

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source: Huffington Post