Two Russian Boys Escaped From Kindergarten By Digging Tunnel With Toy Shovels

Two five-year-old boys in Magnitorgorsk, Russia may have a future as escape artists if they ever find themselves in prison. That’s because the pair made an escape from their kindergarten in a plan that is reminiscent of great prison getaway plots from film and real life.

Site of the break out.

The boys allegedly spent several days digging a tunnel underneath the fence of their kindergarten playground using toy sand shovels. The Mexican drug lord and recent prison escapee El Chapo would be proud!

Like any good baller young Russians they made the escape as part of a plan to seek out the finer things in life. After emerging from the tunnel while the teacher was distracted during a planned afternoon walk with the class, they walked for a mile to a Jaguar showroom. As we all know Russians take their cars seriously; even immortalizing them as part of their own tombstones.

They really love cars.

They visited the luxury car dealership in hopes of buying “a grownup car.” How adorbs: I can just picture them trying to drive the car, one standing on the seat to steer and one pushing on the gas and brake pedals with their hands.

As the two little lovers of fine automobiles sought out the car dealership, back at the kindergarten the police were called to search for them. Luckily a woman driving by noticed the children on the side of the road looking at the sports cars. When she pulled over to ask them what they were doing, they told her they were there to by a car, but didn’t have any money. What, they didn’t think they would be able to get a loan?

The Jaguar dealership where the Kindergarten escapees wanted to buy a getaway car.

The woman put them in her car and drove them to the police. Happy that their children were now safe the parents of the two escapees didn’t file a complaint. However the kindergarten teacher of the boys was not so lucky and was fired because of the incident. Which seems fair considering the kids dug a hole for several days and slipped out of her sight like a couple of New York state prison convicts.

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Source: Siberian Times