Two Planes Collide at LaGuardia Airport, Cause Some Serious Wing Damage

The holidays are easily the worst time of the year to be anywhere near an airport. The food is overpriced and lousy. Flights are being cancelled as if the government is outlawing flying and to top it off the place is flooded with humans. So it’s probably no surprise that there would be some kind of accident at an airport somewhere in the country but that doesn’t make it any less scary. 

Imagine seeing this sight just before you’re about to take off. If you’re on a plane right now, don’t. Just don’t. 

The latest holiday nightmare happened at LaGuardia Airport in New York City where two planes collided on the ground causing part of a Southwest plane to fall off the wing. An American Airlines and a Southwest plane clipped wings (thankfully) on the ground. The Southwest plane bumped into the American Airlines plane that was waiting for a gate to open up causing damage to the tip of the wing of the Southwest plane. Several passengers took pictures of the aftermath that led to the frightening sight of an airport ground crew member carrying away a piece of the wing

Christmas has been cancled. : (

Thankfully, there were no injuries but tell that to the people who are stranded in one of the busiest airports in the world just a few days before Christmas. If you were stuck in a place because two fully trained pilots missed the lesson on avoided collisions in a place where the only sustenance is overpriced Cinnabon products, you might consider rioting too. 

Source: CBS New York