Two Men Claim To Have Discovered A Hidden WWII Era Train Full Of Nazi Gold

Someone had better call up Indiana Jones for a new adventure, because this is the stuff of legend that has inspired countless tales over the last 70 years. Two men claim to know where a train was hidden by the Nazis at the end of World War II that is filled with gold and other stolen treasure.  Hold onto your hat!

This is the type of WWII era armored train that may be hiding in Poland with a crazy stash.

They say that the armored locomotive is filled with weapons, precious stones and 300 tons of gold that was plundered by Hitler’s armies.  While this sounds like a big historical and financial discovery, there is just one catch: the men will reveal the train’s location once they can confirm with authorities that they will receive a ten percent cut of the gold.

The reported discoverers of the Nazi loot, a German man and a Polish man whose identities were not be revealed, believe that the mystery treasure filled train is in the Walbrzych district of Poland. They have contacted the local government there to arrange for an excavation of their secret site. So this is either an exciting find, or a couple of nutters are bored. However, they have been warned that there would be “serious consequences” if they are wasting everyone’s time.

Nazi gold recovered by the Allies; could still be more out there.

The idea of a train full of Nazi gold is already a big legend in Poland and Germany. Allegedly in the last days of World War II as the Soviets were advancing through Poland the Nazis loaded up a train with 23 boxes of gold bullion in addition to countless gems and artwork stolen from Polish museums. In May 1945 this armored train was sent toward Wroclaw, Poland …but was never seen again. Dun, dun, dun!

Do you think they will find the train? And will it be filled with gold?

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