Two Human Faced Pigs With Penises On Foreheads Found In China!

Photographic and video evidence of a pig born in China with a HUMAN face and a PENIS protruding out of its forehead has emerged this week on Chinese social media. Great, now the Chinese are even beating America at making the best biological freaks.

They fed the mutant pig the potato they took this picture with.

Locals have blamed China’s “severe pollution” on this latest mutation and that of a similar piglet born last year on a farm in Yanan township to farmer Tao Lu. Tao says he had several cash offers for the human faced pig with a big old tallywhacker.  Sadly the runt, the last of 19 piglets born, died only weeks after being born.

This pig is what you call a real dickhead.

Just look at the cool stuff we could have here in America if the damn EPA would lighten up with all these needless government regulations.  Farmer Tao was offered cash for his crop of freaks- imagine the profitable freak industry America’s farmers could have in the USA if the government would stop interfering?

Um, Farmer Tao? Why does your pig have a human face? Just asking.

When you stop private enterprise from disposing of chemicals in the water the way they want to THIS is what happens. Now American school kids will never get to experience the joy of looking a dick headed freak in the face and laughing. Thanks Environmental “Protection” Agency! “Ugh, I don’t want chemicals in my water growing forehead dicks.” Clint Eastwood is sick of hearing your bitching, you millennial scum.

When Clint was growing up they didn’t have any of this bottled water bullshit. Back in his day you drank water straight from the pipe and you were lucky if the government wasn’t filling it with syphilis just to see what would happen, forehead dicks and all.

Here we can watch video of the fun little guy enjoying his freedom to exist:

Would you eat bacon if you knew it came from a human faced penis forehead having pig? Asking for a friend.