Two-Headed Piglet Abandoned At Buddhist Temple In China Finds New Home

For today’s animal oddity we go to the town of Xinkou in China. That is where a two-headed piglet was left on the doorstep of a Buddhist temple. Perhaps it was left there as an offering to Buddha, but a passerby discovered the piglet and adopted him as a pet. You thought walking a puppy in the park would pick up the ladies, wait until they see this guy coming.

Sadly because of the weight of the two heads, the little pig is not able to stand up or walk. Yang Jinliang who is the piglet’s new owner has to feed him formula and care for him, saying that he is even able to eat out of both mouths. I would love to be able to eat out of two mouths; do you know how many pork sliders you could pound with two mouths? A lot!


In addition to the two functioning mouths, the piglet has three ears. The cute little fella has become bit of a local celebrity in the Chinese town. Jinliang has not yet named the piglet yet, but I suggest Double Bacon.

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Do you think it would be fun to own a pet with two heads? Cute or creepy?


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Source: DM UK