Two-Headed Cow Born In Florida

Today in Florida, a cattle farmer is doing a double take as a new baby calf on his farm in Baker County has one body and two heads. Double your moo, double your fun!

Farm owner Dwight Crews says that in his sixty years of farming he has never encountered a two headed bovine. The calf which he named Annabel was born with two heads, four eyes, two mouths, two noses, and two ears. So when it’s hungry it will moo in stereo.

Too weak to lift her head and suckle from her mother, Annebelle needs to be bottle fed by the farmer four times a day. Creepily when it is being fed out of one mouth, the second mouth moves along with it.

The look of a man who just saw some weird stuff on the farm.

The condition is known as polycephaly and happens when an embryo starts splitting into twins but suddenly stops developing and the “twin” remains attached. Sadly the longest a two-headed calf has ever lived was 40 days. Farmer Crews however hopes Annabel will be able to thrive, saying:

‘I would like to see her live, and see her get up and walk and function,’ he said.

Each animal with two heads has its own brain which helps controls organs in the body. For some reason two headed things give me what is medically known as “the willies.” Something just ain’t right about it.  Last summer the carcass of a two headed dolphin washed up on a Turkish beach freaking everyone out.

Have you ever come across a two-headed animal?

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Source: Daily Mail