Two Girls Tried Eating The Victoria’s Secret Model Diet And It Did Not Go Well

Victoria’s Secret models are known for being hot and scantily clad at all hours of the day (it’s in their contract, don’tcha know?). Notice how I didn’t say they’re known for eating delicious food smothered in gravy and fat – so when YouTuber Candace Lowry and her friend, Michelle, decided to try eating what the VS models eat during an average day, I can’t imagine why she was shocked that the experience was, as she put it, “not fun.”

Rather than diving into the diet head first, the pair decided to start out by doing two “normal” days of model eating, and then on day three they began testing out the pre-show liquid diet. Generally the liquid diet lasts nine days prior to the VS Fashion Show, with Adriana Lima having claimed in the past that she would only drink protein shakes made with powdered egg whites and water in order to get ready.

“It’s not a healthy way to lose weight,” Candace says in the video, declaring the obvious for anyone even half-paying attention. “It’s strange to me because…no one as a regular person would go through this and these models are supposed to represent the people buying the clothes.”

 “This diet is terrible and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemies,” agreed Michelle.

And while yes, the liquid portion is only meant for masochists and VS models, the normal portion of the diet seems pretty healthy – lean protein, vegetables, healthy carbs – but most people eat garbage day in and day out, making normal portions and adequate nutrition seem like torture to the average person. In the end, both Candace and Michelle agreed that the “normal” portion of the diet was actually a pretty good example of what a healthy diet looked like, though no word yet on whether or not they’ll stick to it in the future.