TV Reporter Confuses “Star Wars” Rebel Alliance Logo For Al Qaeda Logo

One of the great things about the Internet is that you can make up something, put it on the web and some lazy reporter is bound to mistake it for something real giving your handiwork even more exposure. The artist behind a “Star Wars” inspired  logo for a record company got some exposure on Spanish TV thanks to the crack staff in their news division. 

Reporter Jota Abril for the TVE morning news program “La Mañana” accidentally mistook the symbol for the Rebel Alliance from the “Star Wars” movies for an Al-Qaeda logo during a report. Abril was discussing the history of Raqqa, Syria, a city known for its stronghold in the Islamic State that’s being targeted by the French following the deadly attacks in Paris. The screen flashed the false image and Abril seemed to think it was genuine. Well, it would be if Luke Skywalker was a terrorist. 

Should the United States give weapons to these rebels? Serious question.

Twitter users helped Abril spot the mistake that he would inevitably have to correct on his Twitter account. Of course, Twitter users couldn’t resist mocking the host with some fake images linking the War on Terror to the “Star Wars” universe. I’m sure that this is not the kind of publicity that JJ Abrams had in mind before the release of “The Force Awakens.” 

Apparently this is a record company….

Source: UPI