A Series Of Tunnels Were Recently Discovered Underneath This Neighborhood

A neighborhood of houses scheduled for demolition was put on hold because the workers made a remarkable discovery that certainly took precedence. In Cappadocia Turkey, a series of tunnels and stairwells dug into the earth had been found. At first sight it looks to be the work of some madman, but in reality the tunnels date back 5,000 years.

The discovery mimics another underground city that was discovered in 1963 after a Turkish man had knocked down a wall in his basement where an 18-story city with people’s homes (holes carved into the stone), steps and stone doors were discovered in tact. That city is now called Derinkuyu.

An image from Derinkuyu. Imagine finding that in your basement.

Archeologists say that this new discovery however is much larger than Derinkuyu, and might be a mere 1/3 the size of the tunnels recently found in Cappadocia. Plans to demolish the houses above have been post-poned for further excavation underneath.

Whether or not a stone vault filled with gold and jewels will been discovered is still uncertain.

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source: Metro