These Treehouse Apartments Combines Childhood And Adulthood Perfectly

What kid hasn’t wanted to live in a treehouse. Even better, what kid hasn’t wanted to live in a really cool treehouse complete with electricity, cable and furniture. The 25 Verde apartment complex combines the contemporary feel of an actual home with peaceful nature complete with surrounding tree designs, greenery and water. It’s also environmentally conscience because the 150 trees on the property absorb 200,000 liters of carbon dioxide from outside traffic an hour. Not to mention also absorbs the sounds of the city for a more serene experience for the residents.

The unfortunate part is this apartment building isn’t exactly anywhere close. The building is located in Turin, Italy and even if you wanted to move to Turin, there’s only 63 units available. That is if they’re available at all.

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It’s safe to say the cost of living in the 25 Verde apartments would probably cost you a pretty penny even though I haven’t been able to find an exact quote. Most of the information I’ve been able to find has been in Italian which I wish I could say I was fluid in, but not so much. Regardless, I think I’ll just hang here in the states even though these pads look amazing. Oh well, back to work on my own treehouse apartment.

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source: This Is Colossal