This Woman Got The Creepiest Revenge On Her Boyfriend’s Deceased Ex-Girlfriend

Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, there is always going to be tension between a guy’s current girlfriend and ex-girlfriend. But all that may have reached a totally disturbing and disrespectful level with 27-year-old Shaynna Smith. She was accused of cutting the face and the hair of her already deceased “frenemy” who was also her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. Yikes.

Smith visited the deceased woman at the Moore Funeral Home Eastlawn Chapel in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The family members allegedly saw her reach into the casket. They noticed hair on the floor near the casket and that the face makeup had been smeared. They also saw an incision from the woman’s hairline to her nose. They later found Smith at the ex-girlfriend’s house with a folding knife, scissors, box cutter and makeup. She said she was there to pick up jewelry for the funeral. The more this unfolds, the more it seems like some psychotic Lifetime movie material. Check out the news clip below:

Smith was charged with “illegal dissection of a body.” The charge is self-explanatory, but it sounds all sorts of creepy. You wouldn’t want to be attached to that kind of Silence of the Lambs charge on your record. For the rest of her life, Smith will have to explain that misdemeanor charge every time she applies to a job.

It hasn’t been reported on what kind of relationship Smith had with the deceased, but considering she was the ex-girlfriend of her boyfriend, we can get an idea of what Smith’s motives were. Based on her behavior, all the signs are pointing to “WTF.” Either way, she takes the persona of the “jealous ex” to a whole new level.

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