TSA Failed 95% Of Test Screeners, Letting Weapons And Explosives Through

If you thought having to wait in the longest line ever just to have your luggage go through an x-ray while you get your genitals padded down was annoying, finding out that it was all pretty much pointless will make you beyond livid. An undercover team set out to see how our Homeland Security was looking in nearly a dozen airports all over the country, but was shocked that they received a big fat F, only spotting 5% of items that should never be allowed through. 70 tests were given where the luggage or agent posed as a traveller walking through the checkpoint had an explosive or weapon of some kind, but only 3 instances were spotted.

Good Lord. At least we know they can certainly spot a shampoo bottle over 4 f*cking ounces!

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, called the failure rate “deeply alarming.”

Rep. Jason Chaffetz goes on to say that sometimes the solution to detecting any weapons or explosives isn’t always the most expensive one, stating that bomb-sniffing dogs and other low tech means are sometimes the most dependable. ABC news first reported the grade F the TSA received from the test screenings, with government officials confirming them. Points for not lying, saying they did a bang up job at least.

A report will be released in full later this summer which will probably just scare the sh*t out of everyone.