Airport Security Confiscated A Child’s Super Dangerous Minion Fart Gun

Airports on edge these days and not because there’s a constant threat of terrorism looming over their airspace. They are being watched very closely by people with the power to put them out of a job thanks to the appalling job they are doing, according to a recent report that showed that airport security checkpoints failed 67 out of 70 security tests. That may explain why some airports outside the US are going a little overboard with their security measures like Dublin, Ireland’s airport that confiscated a child’s toy gun before he boarded the plane.

This wasn’t just a gun that looked like a real gun. They actually confiscated a “Minion Fart Gun,” a toy modeled after the flatulent weapon that appeared in the first “Despicable Me” movie. The mother of the child posted a Tweet claiming that security officials took the toy away because they deemed it to be a “threat” and if you’ve ever been on an airplane with a noisy toddler while you’re trying to sleep, then they might have a point.

Can’t believe that a minion fart gun was taken from friends toddler, security felt it posed a threat @DublinAirport

— Paula (@NursepollyRgn) August 15, 2015

The mother also explained on Facebook that the security guard told them that the “trigger mechanism” on the toy gun violated the airport’s security policy and that it would have to be confiscated. Does this guy know that the only thing it fires is fart noises? If that’s a weapon, then Gene from “Bob’s Burgers” needs to be brought up on federal weapons charges.