Trucker Flips Out When Restaurant Tells Him They’re Out Of Mac N’ Cheese

There will always be a time in our lives when we go to our favorite restaurant excited to order a dish only to find out that they are all out of it. As adults, we express our disappointment with slight annoyance and just deal with it. However, there are those people that just decide to lose their minds and start throwing things when we can’t get what we want. For Kevin Nelson, this was one of those days. Nelson made a stop at a Roy Rogers restaurant at a Pennsylvania Turnpike rest stop with a craving for some mac n’ cheese. They told him they were out of the cheesy pasta which then revealed the raging hungry monster inside of him.

It was reported that the 47-year-old Amsterdam native became “angry and agitated and began to curse” when he couldn’t get the cheesy goodness. He left the restaurant, leaving us to think that this was the end of it. Perhaps he went to go collect himself and cool off – but he was not done. After Nelson went to get a coffee at another place, he came back to Roy Rogers asking for some potatoes. The employees said they were out of potatoes as well. This is when sh*t hit the fan with Nelson turning into the Hulk of rest stop restaurants. He allegedly got even more enraged and started throwing items, including condiments over the counter. He must really love his potatoes and mac n’ cheese.

To his defense, an establishment like Roy Rogers should have plenty of inventory – especially if it’s at a rest stop. I understand that they can be out of mac n’ cheese because that is probably one of the more “luxury diner items” – but potatoes? That’s a staple. I think I would get enraged as well because carbs rule everything around me.

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source: WTAE