TRON Light Cycle Working Replica Sold For $77K

Good news for fans of the film TRON: Legacy who always dreamed of going really fast on an actual light cycle without being sucked into a virtual world where they must fight to the death.

A fully functional, life-sized replica of the light cycle was created and sold at auction this past week as part of the Andrews Collection for Sotheby’s.

While the original list price for the bike was between $25K and $40K, one wealthy “User” rode away with it for $77K. That’s a lot of quarters for Flynn’s arcade.  

While the design of the bike might work well in the virtual world, the specs on the actual light cycle are also impressive. According to Sotheby’s it has a “96 volt, direct-drive electric motor with lithium batteries and a computer-controlled throttle, rebound and compression damping with spring-preload front suspension and rigid rear suspension, and front and rear hydraulic brakes.”

Check it out in action here:

While this is really cool, I contend that it would be even more impressive if they made a working replica that looked just like the light cycle as depicted in the original 1982 Tron film:

Would you ride a fully functional light cycle? What vehicle from the movies would you want to take for a ride?

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