Help This Guy Turn His 23-Year-Old ‘Wayne’s World 3’ Script Into A Reality

Trevor Schindeler is clearly a big fan of the Wayne’s World franchise that debuted on SNL in 1989. So much so, Schindeler wrote a second sequel treatment to the films titled WWIII: Wayne’s Leisure World in 1993 but the “Hollywood Fortress”, as Schindeler likes to call it, would not pay attention to his concept. Normally, most writers would simply give up and move on but Schindeler is not a writer that likes to see his vision die so literally 23-years-later, Schindeler has taken his script to GoFundMe in order to get his vision made.

Does he have any of the original cast attached? Absolutely not.

On Schindeler’s GoFundMe page he gives anyone who is interested the backstory on his “crusade” to create the third Wayne’s World movie which might be the greatest thing you’ll read today. He has contacted anyone and everyone connected to the Wayne’s World franchise up until this point including Mike Myers’ co-writers from the first film and Penelope Spheeris who directed the first film of the franchise.

Here are the rejection letters from 2001 that followed.

But that didn’t stop Schindeler one damn bit.

The more interesting part however isn’t Schindeler’s “crusade”, as he keeps calling it, to actually get the film produced. It’s to simply fund a billboard which would live in Los Angeles. Can’t get your script read? Why not buy a billboard to advertise it!

I plan to use the funds raised to further promote this campaign by purchasing outdoor advertising in Los Angeles, California.  I have set a fund raising goal of $2,500 for this purpose.  

Schindeler has also created a Wayne’s World 3 trailer to go along with his GoFundMe campaign and it seems a little less Wayne’s World 3 driven and more “stickin’ it to the Hollywood man” centric. Good for him, don’t let Mr. Producer get you down, Schindeler! In fact, Schindeler’s story almost sounds like the plot of the first Wayne’s World. It’s just missing Rob Lowe as the Producer keeping Schindeler from seeing his vision through.

Even though this whole page seems, well, insane, I can’t help but applaud Schindeler for not quitting. Something can definitely be said about someone persuing their dream and accomplishing a goal, as random as it might be, to the bitter end. If Schindeler’s GoFundMe page goes viral, I just wonder if Schindeler’s demons would settle for having Jimmy Fallon and Mike Myers act out a scene from his script or if he would just rather see the whole thing come to fruition.

Only time will tell, really. Until then, let’s make sure this guy gets his $2500 because why the hell not.