Tracy Morgan Spotted Finally Walking Since His Car Accident

Since his awful six-car accident in June, Tracy Morgan has been laying low while recovering from his many injuries which include a broken nose, broken rib and broken leg. The injuries were so serious, he was in ICU for some time. After being spotted in a wheelchair in October, things weren’t looking too good for Morgan but now video and photos have surfaced of the comedian upright again, albeit with the aid of a walker. Still good news nontheless!

Heading into a New Jersey post office, Morgan told the press he’s fighting every day after they asked how his recovery was going. It’s not only tough to see him working with a walker, but also seeing Morgan with such low energy is definitely a bummer. Can’t wait for him to get back into full swing.

Of course after the accident, Wal-Mart blamed Morgan for his injuries because he was reportedly not wearing a seatbelt, despite the fact that the accident was so severe it killed one of his entourage members. Classy move, Wal-Mart. The settlement for Morgan’s accident is unfortunately still up in the air.

Head over to Daily Mail for more pictures of Morgan out and about.

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source: Daily Mail