‘Woody’ Is The Comedic ‘Annabelle’ Spoof That Needed To Happen

Now that Halloween is just around the corner, people are rushing to see Annabelle. But we should not neglect to remember that other toy-come-to-life film from the macabre minds at Pixar. Okay, so Toy Story isn’t a horror movie in the least, but with some clever editing to the tune of Annabelle‘s movie trailer, you get something equally as eerie.

Actually, it’s more funny than anything.

Thankfully, Andy’s toys’ hearts were in the right spot. Because if that many decided to go on a killing rampage, who’s to really stop them? I smell a Toy Story 4 plot. Or at least an Annabelle/Toy Story crossover. Hey, it worked for The Simpsons and Family Guy. I’d go see it.

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source: Bustle