Is This Offensive? Town Seal Depicting Settler Strangling Native American

The good people of the small village of Whitesboro, New York can’t understand what all the fuss is over. Some darn kids snapped a picture of their town seal, uploaded it to the Internet and caused a “nationwide controversy.” What seems to be the problem?


This looks like a gag out of a Mel Brooks movie, or an Onion article, but from all accounts this is the real seal of the Village Of Whitesboro, which really lives up to its name.  That is because the seal clearly depicts a white settler strangling a Native American.

Awkward Seal feels awkward about this town’s seal.

The town decided to hold a vote on if they should replace the seal and according to the village clerk, many residents are in favor of keeping things the way they are. A choice of alternate town seals includes a picture of the Eerie Canal, which was central to the area’s history. Hopefully no Native Americans are drowning in the canal.

Regardless if he is strangling him, you couldn’t have thought of anything else to represent your town?

If you are thinking “I can’t believe it is 2016 and it took this long for them to want to update the town seal”- don’t worry this IS the updated seal. Apparently the town seal used to have the white settler with his hands firmly around the Native American’s throat. However the town changed it so that it appeared that his hands are on his shoulders and they are just having a friendly wrestle. If you say so Whitesboro. If you say so.

I think we found a new town seal.

The Upstate, New York village in Oneida County has at last count about 3,735 residents, of which 94 percent are white. However this is not where the town’s name comes from. (Why would you even think that?  That would just be crude to name a place after a race.) They were in fact named after an early settler of the area named Hugh White who according to the town’s website, loved to have “friendly wrestling matches” with the area Native Americans.

For all of you “sick and tired” of everyone getting offended by every little official government emblem depicting interracial conflict, you will be happy to know that the town voted overwhelmingly to KEEP their seal as is. In Monday’s ballot the citizens of Whitesboro voted 157 to 55 in favor of the settler strangling the Native American. USA! USA! USA!

On the bright side when the Washington Redskins football team heard about the Whitesboro town seal they finally voted to change their own logo after all these years of controversy.  

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