Crocodile VS Shark: The Epic Throwdown

Syfy is riding on a wave of their own crapulence with the popularity of Sharknado 2, a movie they made terrible on purpose that audiences are lapping up because it’s cute to like bad things just now.  We could rant about how a really good bad movie, a MST3K quality movie needs to be bad by accident and if you make a self aware bad movie then you just wasted a ton of money to make crap and that’s not really funny at all, but that’s not what this article is about, and if cool Twitterati want to throw Sharknado parties and pretend they’re not being some kind of latter day movie hipsters, so be it.  Just keep in mind, people were watching a Tara Reid movie on purpose.

That said, Sharknado is just one in a long string of shark-themed things that have captured the imagination of mankind in recent times.  Hell, you can trace our love of sharks back to Spielberg’s Jaws, but don’t forget that in between we have Sharktopus and Sharktopus 2, Shark Week, Shark Night, Sand Sharks, mega Shark and literally dozens of others.  There was even Megashark vs Crocosaurus.  And now, in Australia, there’s real shark vs real croc and it’s entirely as insane as it sounds.

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As these pics taken by Andrew Paice show, a somewhat infamous river crocodile named Brutus, was not going to let some load of crap SyFy villain into his territory without a fight.  And by fight we mean the massive reptile just destroyed the shark.

[[contentId: 2745264| alt: | style: width:80%]]

Brutus, who clocks in around 5.5 meters in length (that’s roughly 17 feet) is a staple on tours down the river and has been living there for ages.  Here’s a picture of him making people wet themselves.

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After eating the shark, we live to think Brutus headed back into the river to await a bear armed with a gun, or maybe a handful of zombies it could fight for its next round of nightmare showdowns.

Photos via Huffpo & the Guardian