Total Strangers Who Met On Tinder Film First Date, End Up In Bed Together

As if first dates weren’t already awkward enough, two London-based artists who met on Tinder decided to film their first date from each of their perspectives and splice them together for the world to see.

When Andy Leek noticed that Daniela Sea hinted on her profile that she would be “open to collaborate,” he posed the unique idea and she agreed. The two began by filming themselves getting ready. While Leek talked through his thought process and searched the internet for the perfect setting for the date, Sea put on her makeup and waxed philosophical about dating in general.

“I’m not looking for anyone special at the moment. Of course I would like to fall in love and find the one and my soul mate of course,” she said in her native Finnish. “It’s not my priority at the moment. For the first time in my life I’m enjoying being single.”

The pair finally meet – Sea running twenty minutes late – and their first impressions are mixed. “Definitely attracted to her,” Leek gushes. “She’s pretty. Why am I saying pretty? She’s hot. It seems to be going well so far.”

Sea does not feel the same way. “Oh my God. Now he’s inside he’s ordered some drinks for us. I don’t know, I was quite disappointed at first,” she confesses. “When I first saw him, I was thinking that ‘Oh he looks like that,’ and he looks like one of my best gay friends… And I can’t become attached to someone who looks like one of my gay friends.”

After a few drinks, Leek decides to go in for the kiss, which Sea reciprocates, possibly due to the fact that she feels “a little bit drunk.” As the night draws to an end, both privately wonder whether they should go home together. Spoiler alert: they do, and Sea films the morning after, when she admits that the night “was fun.”

The video then cuts to a post-game wrap up of sorts where the two discuss the feeling of having seen each others’ initial reactions. Leek is understandably saddened by Sea’s initial disappointment, but the pair reveals that they have gone on several more dates.