What Cops Found Behind This Butcher Shop Will Give You The F*cking Creeps

We love a good creepy story but after hearing what was found behind this Toronto butcher shop, you may actually rethink the kind of meat you’re buying from your local butcher. The coroner has declared that human remains were found and the residents of Toronto are a little skeeved out. Pretty sure I saw this in a Tales from the Crypt episode once!

The owner of the shop is still being questioned but the cops did confirm they found a partial torso of a white female. Unfortunately for previous customers to Charlie’s Meat and Seafood who used to frequent the butcher shop, they’re now concerned if the shop was at all affiliated with the murder, or worse, sold human meat.

Toronto police say the shop’s employees frequent the parking lot quite a bit to dispose of garbage, which is what led to finding the body around 11:30AM earlier this week.

To make matters worse, this is a Chinese butcher shop and we all know the old joke about being curious what kind of meat the Chinese, right? Now I guess we can add human to that list now too so that’s nice. Of course there might just be some lunatic on the loose in Toronto and decided to make a joke by putting a big chunk of the victim behind a butcher shop to keep police guessing. However police say they’d be surprised if no more pieces of the victim were to turn up in other nearby locations.

Until then, double check your butcher’s criminal record before making anymore salty purchases!