A Tornado Photobombed A Wedding, Creating This Epic Photo

Most wedding photos are boring, but most wedding photos don’t feature a tornado.

A couple in Saskatchewan, was married this weekend, and their nuptials obviously offended whatever gods people worship in Canada. How else do you explain the tornado that showed up just in time for their wedding photos? Warm and humid conditions in the lower atmosphere, and cooler than usual conditions in the upper atmosphere? Yeah, right.

The wedding photographer, Colleen Niska, who posted the pictures on her Facebook page, was overjoyed at capturing the rare phenomenon, which is understandable. If she’s anything like most wedding photographers I know, she was probably one more boring wedding away from a spree-killing.

“I’ve dreamed about a day like this,” Niska wrote. “Pretty sure this will only happen once in my lifetime!”

Hopefully the fact that she’s taken perhaps the most epic wedding-photo ever will dull the monotony of her job, at least for a while. Of course, the title of “most epic wedding photo” isn’t official. This photo taken last month in Oregon during a wildfire might still have the edge. (Source)